Soccer Live ScoresIf you love soccer, then it’s surely no surprise to you that soccer may be the most popular sport of all times. Originally invented in Britain as “Football,” soccer has appealed to men, women, and children alike.

Soccer is more than a mere sport – it has become a lifestyle for the many. The game is played around the world, however, you may find it a challenge to keep up with all of the scores.

Livescore website helps all types of fans to embrace their soccer lifestyle with ease, by providing live soccer scores and game schedules.

Soccer Players

Whether intramural or semi-pro, soccer players aren’t only interested in their own team. A big part of playing soccer is watching others play.

It helps by having a hand reference to go to when you want to know when your team plays their next game or what is the score.

Be the envy of your friends and teammates by having live stats, right at your fingertips using an Internet-connected mobile phone.


Many former soccer players find themselves coaching anything from little league to college sports. Sharing live scores with your team can be part of the learning process.

Livescore allows you to carry up-to-date stats around with you everywhere you go using a phone or tablet.

Involve players in discussions about game schedules and scores, and watch your players interest and enthusiasm level rise.

Team Fans

Whether one plays soccer for their hometown or just likes to catch a game on TV, soccer fans are notorious for supporting their favorite teams.

What better way to root a team on, then by having ready access to a team’s Livescore, no matter in what city or country they are playing.

As a dedicated fan, you can view a live score stats right at home on their desktop computer.

Soccer Moms

Let’s not forget the soccer moms (and soccer dads) out there in minivans toting their kids and friends around to little league soccer games. Many kids are encouraged to play soccer by their former soccer player parents.

Parents can always have Livescore data handy to keep up with the family’s favorite teams. Simply load the live scores page, and then your kids can watch on the way to their next practice or game.

Getting soccer scores and schedules for your favorite teams hasn’t always been easy, until now.

Livescore can be accessed using any device that is connected to the Internet or Wifi, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and computers.