About me and this blog

Hi, My name is Rachel. I am in my late 20’s and work as a book buyer for a local independent bookstore in Haifa, Israel. Originally from Tel Aviv, I moved to Haifa for college and never moved back.

I think about going back to TLV city sometimes, but I enjoy the art, culture and history of the the northern city.

My boyfriend and I met four years ago when he ran over my glasses with his skateboard. Long story, but thank goodness I had another pair in my bag.

My boyfriend and I live together and although we are somewhat opposites, we balance each other out very well.

I’ve always been the type of girl who follows the rules and tries her best. I got straight A’s from first grade through college, can list every US president in chronological order, and alphabetize everything in the kitchen.

Saying I have a type “A personality” would be a bit of an understatement. It is hard for me to relax, loosen up and just have fun. But, my boyfriend has been doing an incredible job helping me see the other side of life.

If it weren’t for him I’d probably stay in every night watching reality television and hanging with my two cats, but he likes to go out and explore the city, so I go with him most nights. He’s helped me see how much fun exploring new things can be and I love him for that.

I don’t like the word “Foodie” but I guess you could call me that. I enjoy the best selling beer and food from a variety of hot spots in the area and going for exotic dishes I would never have tried back home.

I also love to exercise and regularly meet my friends at the gym for early morning or lunch break workouts. Even though I have a great boyfriend, it’s important for me to have my best friends and my free time to do the things that I enjoy.

Overall, I am super happy with my life and excited for my thirties. (Fingers crossed my boyfriend FINALLY drops the big question this year!)

This blog is about my life experiences.