Best Anal Lube

Anal sex is one of life’s pleasures, but sometimes, the experience is difficult.  Anal lube is a great facilitator that makes it easier to open up and invite your lover in, which is one of the goals. So how to pick the best anal lube for you and your partner?

Silicone vs Water Lubricants

Most of the best anal lubricants are either water based or silicone based, so what’s the difference? Silicone lubricants contain inert polymers that are very slippery and have excellent moisturizing properties. Silicone lube is excellent for anal sex: it lasts for a long time, and it stays super slippery without getting tacky or sticky. Even the best lube for anal may react with similar materials, including condoms and sex toys. If you need a lube that’s safe for these uses, check with the manufacturer or use a water-based lube instead.

Water-based lubes are versatile and safe for all adult activities because they won’t disintegrate latex condoms or react with silicone toys. In general, water-based lubes aren’t quite as slippery as other products even when they contain additives like glycerin. If the lube dries out or gets sticky, you will need to reapply it. Water-based lubes are very easy to use, and cleanup is simple. They wash off quickly and won’t stain your sheets.

Choosing The Best Anal Lube

Although a lube that uses high-quality ingredients may cost a little more for a little less – it’s worth it. What you put in and on your body is important. I think it goes without saying, but if you notice burning, itching or irritation – don’t use it again. If you have sensitivities, check the lubricant reviews to see if other customers have had an allergic reaction.

It’s not easy to find the best anal lube for your body – always check the ingredients. Only purchase lubes that are free from fragrances, flavors, dyes and preservatives. Stay away from lubes that contain Paraben and Methylparaben since these preservatives disrupt your body’s hormones. Water-based lubes often include additives like glycerin, which attracts water. Unfortunately, glycerin causes yeast and urinary tract infections, so it’s best to avoid products that contain this ingredient.

Silicone-based lubes contain few additives because it’s an effective lubricant on its own. The most common ingredients are Cyclomethicone, a type of synthetic silicone, and Dimethicone, which is often used in hair conditioners. Look for ingredients with the ending “cone” or “one” to see if the product contains silicone.

Lynk Pleasure Products Personal Lubricant
Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant

I love this lube because it has a super smooth, silky & natural feel. Like other water based anal lubes, it may dry up or become slightly sticky with time, but it rehydrates easily. Lynk’s lubricant is free from parabens and glycerin, so it’s safe for condoms and silicone toys. It’s my number one choice for water based lubes. It doesn’t contain any harmful or irritating ingredients, so it’s safe for your partner’s most sensitive areas. If you’re looking for alternatives, Passion Lubes, Shibari and Paloqueth also make some of the best lubes in the water-based category.

Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant
Wet Platinum anal lube

Wet’s Platinum formula is the best anal lube in this category. It doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens, so you don’t have to worry about irritation. These ingredients are less common in silicone lubes anyway. Cleanup is a little more difficult since silicone is slightly water resistant, which could work in your favor if you’re meeting your lover in the shower or hot tub. To avoid getting silicone everywhere, it’s easier to use a lube launcher that gets the moisture exactly where you want it.
Wet’s Platinum lube is not recommended for use with silicone sex toys, but it’s safe to use with latex condoms. Silicone lube shouldn’t be consumed. If you plan on eating the lube, use a water-based product instead.

What You Need to Know about Desensitizing Lubricants

For me, making it through the first moments is the most difficult part of anal sex. Best anal lubes are desensitizing lubes, that have helped so much. I notice a huge difference in how much easier it is to relax, so if you’re tense, desensitizing lubricants can really help you enjoy anal sex. They’re fantastic if you want to make your anal-loving partner happy more often, but have trouble with discomfort or anxiety.

A numbing lubricant may be the best anal lube for beginners – they will help you loosen up, but the downside is that the sensations won’t be as intense. If you decide to try a desensitizing lube, use a condom to prevent unwanted penis numbness. For best results, give the lube up to 10 minutes to work.

Relax anal lubricant
CleanStream makes one of the coolest lubricants that’s fortified with a numbing agent. The formula uses 2 percent Lidocaine. This is an effective local anesthetic that dentists use.

CleanStream Relax is the most effective anal lube if you need desensitization. However, it contains some undesirable ingredients, including Parabens and Glycerin. Desensitizing lubes are almost always water based, so you’re more likely to encounter these additives.

Swiss NavyOther brands rely on oil of clove and mint as the numbing agent, so there are a few alternatives if some of these ingredients don’t agree with you.

If you prefer using silicone for anal, check out Swiss Navy’s clove oil lube, but beware that it has a strong smell.

My Advice

Today, there are hundreds of great anal lubes on the market. It’s nice to have both – water and silicone lubes nearby. Don’t underestimate the power of good lube. It changes everything.