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My personal experience with CleanStream Relax Desensitizing anal lube (or how I made anal enjoyable again)

Cleanstream relax anal lube
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After a particularly tough Spin class one morning, Megan (the girl I’ve been sitting next to for a few months) and I decided to grab a bite to eat.

Somehow during our conversation over coffee and eggwhite sandwiches, I mentioned that I’ve been dreading trying anal sex with my boyfriend (of 4 years). He’s been begging me to get more creative, loosen up, and have more fun in the bedroom, so it seemed inevitable eventually…

To start, let’s just say the missionary position used to be our go-to position. As in, every single time. Honestly, it’s not that I wanted our sex life to be boring, it’s just that I had tried anal a few times in college and absolutely hated it it because the anal lube was smelly (in a bad way), way too sticky, and hard to apply in the heat of the moment.

So, I had hesitated to try it again, but like I said, my boyfriend really wanted to. When Megan smiled, leaned over her latte and whispered, “Try it again. You will love it. I promise,” I was intrigued. I mean, anal felt really good, but the whole “process” had ruined it in the past.

Just to let you know, this girl has given me the best advice on everything from the best sushi restaurants to the best fitting yoga pants. All of the recommendations are always spot on. I trust her.

As we continued talking, I typed in Google search for the best anal lube available, while my Megan mentioned how much she loves having anal sex now thanks to Cleanstream Relax Anal Lube (link)…. and her boyfriend is happy because she likes it. I want to make my boyfriend happy, too.

Before I jump into the actual review, let me say one more thing. What really stood out to me was when she told me their relationship was stronger than ever with anal. I wanted that too!

I have been doing everything under the sun to strengthen our relationship (I want to husband my boyfriend up), but I’ve been noticing us getting more distant, so that really hit a nerve with me.

I tend to be very shy, especially when it comes to intimacy. Soalthough I’m sure you could walk into a sex shop, get Cleanstream relax, and have a jolly conversation with the worker inside, I preferred to get it online via Amazon and wait a few days for it to come discreetly packaged in the mail.

Once it arrived, you should have seen the look on my boyfriend’s face when I told him I was ready to try anal sex again. He got… excited, to say the very least.

My experience with Cleanstream anal lubricant

After purchasing this anal lube, one thing is definitely true: not all anal lubes are created equal. I will probably never use another lube… I just don’t see any reason to. This lube is perfection every time. For anal starters, I was pleasantly surprised that there is no need to remove a cap when getting ready to use the lube. I simply pump it out in my hands (kind of like a soap dispenser) without fussing with an awkward tube or trying to find the cap in the dark. The container for the lube itself is the perfect size and lasts for several rounds of play.

Another reason I think this lube is simply awesome and far superior to everything I have tried in the past – I have very sensitive skin and this lube doesn’t bother me at all. Like, at all! In fact, the lube itself actually feels really good! I am constantly buying sensitive laundry detergents, soaps, etc., so I was hoping this would be sensitive enough for my skin. It totally is, and I think it has even made the skin around my butt softer.

What it’s like

The velvety liquid goes on smoothly and almost immediately the numbing effect gets me ready for the excitement ahead. I suggest putting it on just seconds before your partner enters you so you can really experience the numbing sensation to its fullest. The product is water-based so it is best if you don’t wait. Frankly, you’ll be so hot and ready to go that you won’t want to wait!

It relaxes the ass and makes every minute enjoyable – we did not have to reapply. The consistency of the lube is just right and cleanup is always pretty easy. We typically have a towel ready but even if you get it on the sheets it comes out in the wash. It’s also easy to clean off sex toys if you’re into those, too. (We sometimes use them when we’re drunk.)

There’s no horrible smell, and again, because it’s water based, it’s not extremely sticky, either.

Anal sex is so much more fun now for both my boyfriend and me – PERIOD. We look forward to it and plan it much more often. Before we had sex maybe once a week… but, now we find ourselves spontaneously having sex at least 4, 5, 6 times a week… and sometimes more. After four years those excuses can really come up, but that’s not the case anymore – it seems neither one of us is ever too busy or too tired for sex. The spark is very much alive in our relationship.

Megan was absolutely right – getting a good lube for anal sex (and regular sex) more often really does strengthen the relationship. Having my partner explore this area of my body is by far one of my favorite things we do together… it has taken our bedroom playtime to a whole new level. Our trust and confidence in each other has skyrocketed. Knowing my boyfriend is happy means a lot to me. And, I’m happy too. I have discovered something that I had been missing for the first 3.5 years of our relationship!

(And of course, it feels really good.)

ClearStream’s anal lube summary

This lube is fantastic and works even better than advertised. I am one of the shyest girls when it comes to talking sex (no kissing and telling), but I just had the sing the praises of this lube. It’s given me the experience that I could only dream about, my boyfriend is thrilled, and I am ten times more confident in the bedroom.

I think anyone that has tried this lube will agree: it makes anal so much more intimate, passionate, and best of all, lots of fun!

If you’d like to try it, I’d recommend ordering it from Amazon. I checked around before buying and it’s the cheapest option anywhere (even cheaper than when I bought it before).
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