Buy a Hoverboard

What to Look for When You Buying a Hoverboard Online

Today, it’s fairly easy to find a well-made hoverboard that’s safe and equipped with advanced features like Bluetooth speakers and mobile route-tracking apps. Although the quality and safety of hoverboards has improved greatly over the past few years, some models are obviously better than others. Likewise, some companies have superior customer service and warranty coverage. Buy a hoverboard only after reading the tips to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Hoverboard Reviews

Verified customer reviews are a great place to find hoverboard buying advice. Look for comments that mention positive or negative experiences with the manufacturer’s customer service department. See how the body and wheel covers stand up to bumps and dings. Reviews also reveal how well the battery, wheels and components perform for actual owners.

Return Policy

Check the retailer’s return policy. Ideally, you should have between 30 and 90 days to return the product if it’s defective. Keep the original box and packing materials just in case. Read the fine print. Some companies charge hefty restocking fees. If a return will cost you 30 percent of the item’s retail price, you should be aware of this before you buy the hoverboard.

Hoverboard Warranty

Any hoverboard you buy should include a basic warranty that covers manufacturing defects for at least one year. Most companies only cover defective materials or workmanship, so damage caused by road hazards or accidents won’t qualify. If you buy a hoverboard online, make sure to complete the warranty registration form. Keep a copy of the confirmation for your records.

Hoverboard UL Certification

Don’t buy a hoverboard unless it’s certified by UL. The 2272 safety standard was introduced in November 2016. It outlines requirements for preventing fires and explosions related to the batteries and charging systems. Some knockoff brands use fake holographic seals and counterfeit batteries. Check UL’s product database to verify the manufacturer’s credentials.

Top Speed

Before buying any hoverboard, check the unit’s top speed and motor specifications. Self-balancing scooters are powered by dual motors that range from 300 to 400 watts. Off-road models are generally bulkier, so they feature larger motors to achieve speeds near 10 mph. Some hoverboards with smaller motors travel approximately 7 mph, which is equivalent to jogging or running.

Charging Time

Charging times are important if you’re buying a hoverboard for the kids to use after school. Most high-capacity lithium-ion batteries recharge in two to three hours. The initial process could take up to eight hours. Never overcharge the battery. Check the indicator lights, and unplug the scooter promptly once it’s ready.

Battery Life and Riding Range

If you buy a hoverboard with a quality battery, the riding range should be approximately 7 to 12 miles per charge. This equates to an hour of continuous use at cruising speeds or three hours of stop-and-go riding. The terrain and rider’s weight also affect the scooter’s performance.

Make sure to check customer reviews, read tips for hoverboard buying and compare product specifications before you buy any hoverboard. This way, you’re more likely to select a product that meets all of your safety and performance requirements. Plus, when you buy a hoverboard online, you’ll almost certainly get a better price than any brick-and-mortar shop will offer.