Swagtron Hoverboard

yellow swagtron hoverboard
Swagtron hoverboard is so popular, that thousands of people check it out on websites and end up ordering it. What’s attracting all this buzz? Let’s check it out.

Swagtron’s Top Ten People Pleasing Features:

1. Swagtron has swag
Swagtron has swag as part of its name. You’ll first notice Swagtron’s great looking features. The entire acrylic body is in eye-pleasing bright colors such as red, blue and gold. The wheels are high-fashion aluminum with road-gripping rubber tires. LED lights glow blue when the power is on, and automatically indicate which way you’re turning.

Swagtron Hoverboard is arguably the best looking self-propelling scooter on the market today. But beauty is more than skin deep.

2. Easy to use
Read the reviews. New users report that this Hoverboard is easy to use. You can be riding within moments of getting your Swagtron out of the box using the easy built-in learning mode. You can step aboard the foot pads, tip your toes toward the floor and be off and riding.

Turning is very intuitive. To turn left, you shift your weight to your left foot, or to the right foot to turn right.

Stopping is easy—just stand still on the board without shifting your weight. You don’t want a product that’s going to be unused and just collect dust in your closet, and the fun Swagtron won’t.

3. Swagtron fun is contagious
The joy of riding the Swagtron can be even greater when it’s shared. You can make new friends to ride and compete with. You can share moves and experiences you’ve had with your Swagtron.

You can learn new tricks by watching other, more experienced riders. Then you can become the one teaching your new moves and sharing the Swagtron joy. One reviewer had just two words about the Swagtron: “Crazy fun!”

4. Safety
The Swagtron is the first in its class to be rigorously tested and awarded the UL2272 seal for electrical and fire safety. The science organization that issued the designation, Underwriters Laboratory, is the gold standard of testing organizations.
You’ll recognize the label from appliances and devices in your home. Kudos to Swagtron for seeking and getting this well-respected seal of approval for the super tough battery case and charger safety.

5. Hoverboard that can take it
When you’re challenging yourself with tricks and moves on the Swagtron, you’re also challenging the machine. Swagtron can take it. You can jump off, roll it over and over and jump back on without having the fenders fly off.

You can travel about 12 miles on a charge, and you’re not going to wear out the tough rubber tires, break one of the sturdy aluminum wheels or have one fly off on its own.

6. You’ll grow with it
Although the Swagtron is easy to use in the learning mode, the regular mode can provide enough challenges to an experienced hoverboard rider to keep their interest. YouTube has videos of super athletic moves.

7. Make it your own
Maybe you’re a person who likes to have your ride stand out in the crowd. If so, you’re in luck. Vinyl stickers have come on the market to let you customize your Swagtron with colorful designs of your own choosing.

8. Rest easy
What if your Swagtron is damaged in shipping or later develops a problem? Don’t worry. You’re covered with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If it’s damaged in shipment the company will send a replacement Swagtron right away.